Heidi Manheimer, chief executive officer of Shiseido Cosmetics America, talks about how to stay ahead of the ever-changing work landscape, from meeting expectations to redefining leadership.

* Don’t be a title snob. While the business card title might be the same, one job may be very different from another and offer new opportunity in the long run. It might be smarter to make lateral moves…because you will have learned all the disciplines you need to take you to the right place.”

* Take risks. Heidi says though women like to stay in their comfort zone, it’s important to break out of them to get to the next level. “I broke out of mine when I went to work for a web site, which didn’t have enough funding. It was the biggest mistake I ever made but if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t be sitting where I am today.”

* Make meetings count. Meetings are the place to make yourself known in an organization, so attend them prepared, knowing what you’re going to say and without being intimidated about stepping on toes. “You need to be more thoughtful about the material for the meeting and less thoughtful about what anyone is going to think about you,” advises Heidi

* Master Finance 101. If you want to grow within an organization, you need P & L responsibility. No matter the area you currently work in, you need to seek out skill sets that will get you to your next level and that includes a solid understanding of finance. Look at the job you aspire to have one day, assess the skills needed to be successful in that position and go get those skills.