Indie beauty brand Valde Beauty has launched into the metaverse via a virtual gallery in Decentraland with a limited number of handcrafted, semi-precious refillable lipstick vessels. The phygital collection is called Divine Crystal Armor and establishes the beauty brand’s entry into a community meant to support female creatives, artists and beauty entrepreneurs in the Latin X, BIPOC and LGBQT.

The launch was celebrated with a Metaverse party on Thursday, January 27.

“It was my goal to help usher new people into this space and I am beyond happy at what a fun time everyone had entering it,” said Valde founder Margarita Arriagata. “Seeing how blockchain technology empowers artists to gain ownership of their work, create legacy and record authenticity, we knew we could influence this space for good and create something amazing while doing it,” she added.

All VIP guests were invited to bid on the grand prize, a white quartz edition phygital (the auction is live through Sunday, January 30) and to purchase NFTs and their physical counterparts–hand carved crystal lipstick cases, which the brand refers to as armors. Thirty percent of the phygitals were sold during the event. The remaining NFTs and armors will be available on the brand’s website,

Created in Margarita’s home country of Peru, each crystal vessel takes 96 hours to produce. The armors are made from chevron amethyst, white quartz and rose quartz, that are sustainably sourced and refillable. There are a limited number of armors available, 34 in total.

Prices range from $200 for a NFT digital artwork to $2,500 for the white quartz armour, VIP experiences, one each of Valde’s inaugural Soar collection armor + refillable lip set, a Decentraland wearable, among other things. By purchasing a NFT, one immediately gains entrance into the Valde Collective. All proceeds will support the brand’s collaborating artists and fund Valde’s grant for LatinX beauty entrepreneurs.