Video is being pointed to as the go-to content format people will be wanting more of this year. With this in mind, Total Beauty Media Group commissioned research to find out how exactly they engage with video content, who is most likely to want it and how video makers can best win over consumers. Here, the top findings from Total Beauty’s report, What Women Watch.


*Millennials are more likely to view online video as a replacement to other media. Further, this audience is the most engaged bunch on-the-go, with nearly 30 percent consuming more than 30 minutes of online video daily.

*For advertisers, time of day matters. Young Boomers (moms with home-aged kids) are consuming most of their video content in the morning: A whopping 28 percent engage with video in the morning compared with 9 percent of Millennials who snack on content throughout the day, including while on-the-go via their mobile devices. Among the total respondents surveyed, primetime/evening is when the majority of video is consumed.

*When it comes down to pay to view, Young Boomers are way more patient, sitting through ads to unlock free content compared to their younger peers.

*More than 65 percent of Millennials surveyed have paid to access some form of video content; that group is leading the way, willing to pay to access the content they love to watch.

*Subscriptions are key to winning her over, 60 percent of Millennials subscribe to at least one YouTube channel – they know what they want to see!

*While on-demand content is relevant, 75 percent of consumers are tuning in to digital video to see livestreaming formats. When it comes to categories of live stream video content, news is the #1 category followed by live events, including sports, and finally concerts.

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