Online beauty brand, Volition Beauty, has released its latest consumer-powered launch, Snow Mushroom Water Serum ($62), featuring a cocktail of nutrient-rich ingredients designed to offer hydration and fight the signs of premature aging. As with all Volition products, the concept was crowdsourced from the submission of a beauty enthusiast before being sent to top labs and chemists for development.

The serum, which debuted this week at Sephora, joins Volition’s collection of 20 sku’s and utilizes snow mushrooms as its star ingredient, which is said to hold nearly 500 times their weight in water and offer long-lasting moisture retention. The product also contains marine sea water, which aims to detoxify and protect skin from inflammation, as well as watermelon, apple and lentil extracts.

The company says it has received thousands of ideas since it launched in September 2015 with the disruptive concept of driving product innovation by offering consumers the ability to submit product ideas for the opportunity to have it developed. Once an idea is submitted, Volition’s team reviews it for feasibility, brand fit and market potential, and then works with the consumer to develop the concept and prototype. The product is then posted as a campaign where the Volition community is mobilized to vote on the product they would like to see created. The Snow Mushroom Water Serum launch is just one of many consumer ideas that the company plans to bring to market this year.

“Because the community votes, we cannot predict how many will be successful but we plan to put up over 100 campaigns in 2018,” revealed Brandy Hoffman, who co-founded Volition Beauty with Patricia Santos. “There are several products that have been voted on and will launch soon, including, Rose of Jericho Renewing Elixir and Tree of Life Absolute Spray – Essence, Toner & Prime.”

Volition Beauty products are available at all Sephora stores across the U.S., and will be launching in Sephora Canada this fall. There are also plans in the works for future international expansion.