How can beauty brands remain relevant and secure a future in their markets? As many brands protect their products by repositioning, renovating or innovating—all  for a leaner, more aggressive hit to the market, the Mintel Beauty & Personal Care team is also working diligently to understand shifts in consumers’ lives and spending decisions.

On Tuesday, May 19, 3:30 ET /Noon PT,  join this session as Jane Henderson, Global President – Mintel Beauty & Personal Care, asks David Turner, Head of Beauty Content, and his content team questions regarding short-term brand protection measures, new launches hitting the market, growing trends arising from the current changes and design strategies to progress your business in the months to come. Submit your own questions during registration for consideration in a live Q&A session at the end.

Spotlight discussion on:

  • Global and regional impact
  • Learnings from APAC
  • Haircare
  • Skincare
  • Color Cosmetics

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