The digital space is ever changing – the
faces and the facets, the buzz and the beauty. So, what’s hot and what’s not in
the beauty realm? Beauty Insider asked the most influential beauty writers out
there (above, from left to right: Amber Katz, Lianne Farbes, Jamie Stone and
Kristin Booker) what’s exciting their
readers right now.
Beauty Insider: What’s exciting women on
your sites these days?

Amber Katz ( Most of the questions by my readers are still about lash extensions and I’ve been covering them since
2009. Women ask me via the comments on my blog and even IRL when I’m at
Starbucks how long they last, if they’re individual, if you can wear mascara
and how long it takes to get them done. Nail
is also big, as are ways to extend the time between cuts.

Nadine Jolie (
: My readers are
always hungry for info about how to get their skin in tiptop shape (acne and
fine-lines are the dreaded one-two punch). Innovative hair products are also a
crowd-pleaser. One of my most popular posts ever was on getting rid of acne by reducing inflammation through what you
eat; another hot topic was healthy keratin blowout

Kristin Booker ( Honestly, the FSB readers are really into skin care
right now. They’re obsessed with dark spot removal
, anti-aging serums and they’re mystified/confused/not quite sure
about BB Creams. I also have a lot of questions about the benefits of going sulfate-free
and what hairstyles and makeup are appropriate over a certain age.

The biggest things women are
seeking in beauty products from my perspective are results
and time-saving
. They want it to work, but they want it to work in less
time than anything ever has before in the history of time. If you can solve
their problems (and really SOLVE them) in less time, there’s almost no limit.
Oh, and the quest for the Perfect Red Lip
continues, but that never ends.

Felicia Walker Benson ( Readers still love posts that are really personal.
It might be my awesome, winning personality and dazzling smile…but I
suspect that people still yearn for content that feels authentic—content
representative of an editor’s everyday life. Posts that speak to my personal routine always get a lot of response,
no matter the content…. from Sunday beauty rituals to Sunday dinner. My
readers are excited about what I’m personally excited about. Hyper-pigmentation issues have always been a hot
topic on my blog and it continues to be. Readers of all ages and
ethnicities have questions about products that safely and effectively correct
age and sunspots as well as acne scars. Luminosity
is the next frontier of anti aging. And everyone wants it!

What are women still seeking in
beauty products?

Lianne Farbes ( I think women
want more truth and real life solutions when
it comes to beauty products. Sure that $300 cream is amazing but I think
they want to have items that work and those they can afford. Anti-aging will always continue to be a hot topic
as well, which is why I think it’s so great that drugstore
have stepped up their research and development to find ways to
bring the latest technology to the masses.

Jamie Stone ( Women
want quality products that actually do what they promise. It’s as simple as
that. Most people are willing to pay more money for something that really works.

Kristin: I
would also say that women are returning to pampering on my site. Bath products and relaxation
aids are really a big hit. I think the message to take care of you is starting
to sink in!

Are there any far-and-away big beauty
product hits your readers say they can’t live without?

Jamie: Basic
drugstore products! There are so many amazing drugstore brands products
that are just as good (if not better) than
department store brands. Mascara, being one of them.

Kristin: As
it pertains to far-and-away winners, this year’s winners appear to be mascara (L’Oreal Million Lashes and CoverGirl Lash
Blast Fusion are tied with Dior Show in our opinion), Make Up For Ever HD
Foundation, CoverGirl Lip Infusion lipsticks and Kerastase and Moroccanoil hair
products. I see a trend that they want to try more natural products, though.
Tarte products also do very well on my site.

Felicia: Women
of color are excited that more brands are launching BB creams that match their
skin tones. Having said that, the BB cream craze
has women longing for more multitasking beauty products.

Nadine: It
Factor Quick Blowdry is getting lots of buzz (cut
your blowdry time
almost by half!) and whenever I post about something
Pevonia or Pantene related, I get a jazillions emails.