For the month of March, MAC and NARS generated the greatest social influence measured by earned media value, number of impressions, audience size, number of publishers, and post count. Maybelline and L’Oréal made the top five brands for the month.

1. MAC: $3,444,159

2. NARS: $3,433,484

3. Urban Decay: $3,148,049

4. Maybelline: $3,005,180

5. L’Oréal: $2,238784


·• MAC reclaimed its spot at number one on Tribe’s social influence leader board, demonstrating its impressive reach as a brand through omnichannel engagement. The iconic brand outperformed the competition on many of the social channels for the month in terms of overall engagement, number of impressions and sheer content creation. Excluding YouTube, MAC led in social influence across every other channel. The brand’s omnichannel success speaks to its focus internally on building a powerful brand narrative through product packaging, celebrity endorsements and strategic partnerships.

With over 13 million views for the month, NARS led with overall EMV for the channel. The prestige brand’s products were highlighted in over 20 YouTube videos receiving Tribe’s highest internal engagement rank, based upon publisher size, reach and audience demographic. For each of these highly valuable videos, the brand garnered thousands of views. For instance, Michelle Phan’s “Matte About You”, which prominently features NARS’ Sheer Matte Foundation, earned over 1.5 million views alone. When it comes to meaningful and targeted engagement, these videos reinforce the trustworthiness of the NARS brand and its products amongst a refined community of influential ambassadors and potential customers. For each of these thousands of views, the brand secures its reputation as a style influencer for the popular “matte” trend. Maybelline earned the greatest number of videos created about the brand.

Tribe’s first look at social influence on Pinterest proved to be another lesson in storyteller marketing. Similar to the patterns the company has seen as far as content creation and subsequent engagement on Instagram, success on Pinterest is dependent upon crafting a thoughtful narrative landscape. When it comes to in-house content creation, Essie, Urban Decay, and NARS take a forward leaning, real-time marketing approach with their individual brand profiles. These brands generated more likes and shares with content that locates their brand relative to popular trends and cultural moments, as opposed to traditional product photography and ads.

Tribe Dynamics, the San Francisco-based influencer relationship management start up with proprietary data analytics software, analyzes the top brands in social influence, taking into consideration data that comes from its software’s algorithm for a brand’s earned media value (EMV), the quantifiable dollar amount assigned to publicity gained through word-of-mouth endorsements. Tribe sources its data from the top 50,000 influencers in health, beauty and fashion. The brands included in each study are the most popular based on publicly available information of these brand’s annual revenue, reviews from consumers and retailers. To see the full report for the month of March, click here.