Tribe Dynamics, the San Francisco-based influencer relationship management start up, has created a report exclusively for CEW Beauty Insider that measures the top beauty brands in different social media platforms in 2013. The insights provide a Big Picture of trends that look to help build effective influencer marketing strategies and boost brands’ ROI. Here’s what Tribe’s data found regarding beauty brands with the most social influence:


1. CoverGirl: $4,166,729
2. Benefit Cosmetics: $4,067,350

3. NARS: $2,498,178

Blogs Brand Performance Analysis: 2013 was a transformative year for CoverGirl. The mass-market brand took great strides towards expanding its reach to new communities of followers through a well executed digital marketing strategy. From T.V. advertisements to social media campaigns, the brand’s integrative use of digital media drove social buzz amongst a new crowd of influencers, in addition to the more expected outlets such as popular industry publications and beauty bloggers. The brand’s ‘Capitol Collection’ tied to the release of the highly-anticipated Hunger Games series is perhaps the best model of the brand’s integrative approach to digital.

(Honorable Mentions: MAC, Chanel, Revlon)


1. L’Oréal: $14,381,190

2. Benefit Cosmetics: $8,258,353
3. Maybelline: $6,167,273

YouTube Brand Performance Analysis: L’Oréal has greatly benefited from its strong community of beauty ambassadors on YouTube. The brand’s success is based on valuable word-of-mouth endorsements from some of the most influential beauty vloggers including Michelle Phan. From monthly roundup’s and featured favorites, to how-to tutorials, L’Oréal’s message and voice as a brand has been captured and communicated successfully through these authentic beauty vlogs.

(Honorable Mentions: NYX Cosmetics, MAC, NARS)


1. NARS: $5,106,500

2. Clinique: $1,837,100
3. Urban Decay: $1,313,900

Twitter Brand Performance Analysis: NARS dominated the Twittersphere in 2013, leading the charge in both owned and earned media created about the brand.With 133K followers and counting, the brand’s well-followed NARSissist handle is in part responsible for the brand’s influence. With a high frequency of posts, including a variety of content with links to the brand’s presence on other channels, the platform seems to be the centerpiece of NARS’ integrative digital strategy.The brand’s full-circle approach has also inspired incredibly valuable organic content. This content, coming from brand ambassadors has an added authenticity that fans are more willing to take at face value, as opposed to paid advertisements or tweets coming directly from the brand.

(Honorable Mentions: MAC, Chanel, Revlon)

Facebook and Instagram

1. NYX Cosmetics: $7,603,630

2. Urban Decay: $1,450,630

3. Maybelline: $1,136,795

Facebook/Instagram Brand Performance Analysis: NYX Cosmetics owes its success on the aligned channels primarily to its overwhelming influence on Instagram. Quickly becoming the mass-market brand’s primary outlet for engagement, NYX has learned how to successfully mobilize its loyal community of followers on the platform. Its frequent posts vary from photos highlighting creative looks or specific products, to lifestyle photos that speak to the brand’s colorful eccentricity. The brand has also experienced success using the platform to run targeted cross-platform promotions to raise awareness.

(Honorable Mentions: MAC, NARS, L’Oréal)

Tribe sources its data from the top 50,000 influencers in health, beauty and fashion. The brands included in each study are the most popular based on publicly available information of these brand’s annual revenue, reviews from consumers and retailers. Analysis of the top brands in social influence takes into consideration data that comes from Tribe’s software’s algorithm for a brand’s earned media value (EMV), the quantifiable dollar amount assigned to publicity gained through word-of-mouth endorsements. For 2013, the following brands excelled in social influence and EMV on the various social channels.