Generally speaking, red maybe the new coral, but for this summer Tangerine lipstick is the shade of the season. While any trend-conscious woman can find a flattering shade in this season’s bevy of orange lipstick offerings, there’s a percentage of lucky women for whom orange is actually their best shade of lipstick. You know, that mythical shade that makes their eyes sparkle, skin glow and boosts their confidence in a single swipe.

According to YouBeauty, a beauty and wellness website specializing in quizzes devoted to giving women personal beauty advice, 15% of women naturally look best in bold, orange-based lipstick shades. This data was collected from YouBeauty’s Lip Color Quiz, which has been completed by 95,000 women to-date, and assesses factors such as skin tone, skin undertones, hair color and natural lip color. The quiz algorithm chooses from 60 different shades of lip color to tell each quiz taker which shade is her absolute best.

According to the study, Tangerine lipstick is the most universally flattering tone of orange. It’s the best shade for 8% of YouBeauty quiz takers, namely those with a light skin tone, warm undertones and dark hair. Coral is second, looking best on 4% of quiz takers, or those with a light skin tone, warm undertones and light or red hair. Pomegranate, a pinky orange shade, is most flattering for 1.8% of women, specifically those with medium skin tones, cool undertones and light brown or dark blonde hair.

On darker skin tones, Watermelon and Red-Orange are the most flattering shades of orange. Watermelon is the bold lipstick pick for 0.6% of YouBeauty quiz takers, or those with dark skin, warm undertones and medium dark hair. Red-Orange looks amazing on 0.2%, or those with dark skin, warm undertones and light hair.

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