Some of the biggest celebrity news to hit the Internet last week was the announcement by Revlon that it had tapped singer Ciara, 31, [today is her birthday] as a global brand ambassador and the new face of Revlon’s color cosmetics. What may not be as known is that Ciara is also the name of one of Revlon’s best-selling fragrances. In the vein that if you’re going to be a cultural attaché for a beauty firm you also might as well share the name of one of its scents, so the Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter and model happily signed on to her new role.

“I was named after Revlon’s Ciara fragrance, so this really is a dream come true,” she told the 50-plus media guests during her live performance at Refinery Hotel’s rooftop last week, where the partnership was announced.

Early on in her parent’s relationship, her father gave her mother a bottle of Revlon’s 1974 fragrance as a gift. Her mother loved the scent so much that she decided to name their only child Ciara.

“Ciara is the perfect embodiment of our brand. She’s an authentic representation of what it means to choose love, and to empower women to take an active role in their lives and to seek the love they deserve,” said Tracy Rohrbaugh, Vice President of Global Marketing for Revlon. “We want to empower women to go out and do that. Ciara caught our eye because she’s so open, honest and authentic with her fans about her love life.”

Then there’s the social media component.

“We are consumers of pop culture and we pay attention to what is going on in that space,” Tracy added. “She has a very strong social media following of 12 million fans. The response has been tremendous from them. We’ve seen her fans coming over to our page and have posted that they’re so excited for her, that they’re going to become our consumers now. To be able to leverage her authentic voice on social media on behalf of our brand is a pretty amazing partnership for us.”

Revlon’s new line, which consists of 30 to 40 sku’s offers metallic shadows, stick blushes, lipsticks, tinted flavored lip balms and brow sticks, among other items. The collection was released exclusively this past weekend with Walmart. Come January, Revlon will roll out their next iterations of the campaign to everyone.

“Like anyone else, we want to capture that millennial consumer in the smartest way possible,” said Stephanie Skorka, Associate Manager of Product Development. “We know we need products that are functional, fast, visually pretty and have shade match packaging that grabs her attention. All of these are one swipe, beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear.”

As part of Revlon’s plan, Ciara will appear in multimedia campaigns across all media types, including digital, in-store and social media.