She’s been the face of L’Oréal Paris for several years, no doubt selling legions of highlighters and nude lipsticks. Now, Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she’s been working in collaboration with global beauty brand Inglot Cosmetics on a limited-edition collection. The singer and actress’ makeup artist, Scott Barnes, dropped the news on Instagram via a comment stating that JLo would be launching a bronzer. “I’m using a bronzer that @Jlo is making. It’s pretty amazing!! Shhh,” he wrote. Later on, Jennifer announced the collaboration herself on Instagram. She captioned a large portrait of herself, “4/26/18 #JLOxInglot.” The The singer and actress’ 70-piece color cosmetics line launches April 26. Here’s why this collection will be a success.

JLo’s a Household Name

The former Fly Girl (she was one of the dancers on popular 1990s television show, “In Living Color,” which launched her career in entertainment) also has multiple films, albums, and modeling contracts under her belt. Lopez has also been one of the faces of L’Oréal Paris for several years and is known to be a beauty enthusiast. Her beauty clout serves her well in this endeavor with Inglot, giving her the corporate experience of working with one of the world’s leading makeup brands.

She’s the Original Influencer

The songbird made derrieres a thing long before the likes of Kim Kardashian West.In fact, her washboard abs and flawless, sculpted limbs once inspired Kim to refer to the pop icon as #BodyGoals.

It’s Got Her Not-Easily-Earned Stamp of Approval

Like Madonna, Jennifer is known for being a perfectionist, so you can bet this product suite wasn’t finalized until she’d gone through iteration upon iteration of makeup lab samples. Jennifer is said to have been highly involved in the making of every part of the collection. From the shade range, to the ad campaign, to the packaging and product names, Jennifer and Inglot worked in concert to create this range that is inspired by her career.

The Products are Customizable

To appeal to Millennial consumers, it’s all about bespoke beauty. The capsule collection is filled with many of her go-to products in her favorite shades, including mascara, lipstick, eyelashes, blush, eye shadow and of course, bronzers. The Freedom System Palette—which allows users to create their own personalized palette with specific colors and products.

She Made ‘Glow’ Famous
Far before the expression became as ubiquitous as it is today, JLo was the original glow to get. Similar to Victoria Beckham’s signature bronze look, Jennifer is known for her glow (and also her bronze look, frankly). Her gleaming limbs and softly-highlighted cheekbones became a coveted beauty look to replicate, securing her decades-long stance as an icon. We can only hope her new cosmetics line will include a glow-inducing body oil or cream — with luminescent shimmer, of course.

She’s Already a Beauty Mogul

Jennifer has had her own wildly successful fragrance range for more than a decade. It was first produced with Coty, Inc. and sold to Designer Parfums in 2017. As mentioned previously, she was also a face of L’Oreal Paris, giving her insight into the structure of many makeup launches. Just as former CoverGirl Drew Barrymore likely drew on her experience working with beauty behemoth Procter & Gamble before launching her proprietary line with Walmart, Flower Beauty, JLo’s experience with fragrance, hair, skin care and makeup will inform the process of this new collaboration.