, the London-based global trend agency, has provided a list of words and phrases you’re likely to being using in your daily business vernacular in 2013. Learn them and impress your peers!

REMAPPED: Historic global rebalancing presents opportunities from the newly emerged virgin consumer and those at the

bottom of the developed pyramid. Multi-directional consumerism and feeding that demand are the essence of the remapped world.

(SELF)ACTUALIZED: Greater emphasis in the statusphere

towards products and services that facilitate self-improvement. Self-measurement and game dynamics become quantified.

CRAMMING: Ultra-convenient
mobile moments
will be at the core of the way consumers satiate their obsession for information about greater-than-ever product and service launches. Expect the inevitable counter trend: uncrammed.

MAKE: Individualized objects that are made for one and newly local manufacturing in developed markets that embrace made here will serve to engage with and fund new products.

DE-CENTERED: Information sharing and some tough love are ways to re-connect with consumers who have lost interest in most brands, while service is being replaced by servility (servile brands).

REVALUED: Consumers are finding new ways to unlock the unused value in their possessions, time and knowledge. With tasksumers (consumers who make money from carrying out small tasks for other individuals or corporations) benefits will be gained from the collaborative economy. Trust is the new gold for consumers with trustonomics.

DATASHAPED: Perfect fit, first-time, bespoke products and services and instant hyper-relevant information brings consumer data to life. Auto-me, real-time relevance and directed discovery will datashape


AMBIENT: Lines between the digital and physical realms become even more blurred with connected homes, cars and offices and a reimagining of physical retail spaces while consumers’ techlust for devices that facilitate lifestyle maximization flourishes.

: Every day 200,000 people worldwide move to cities, affecting consumerism as defined by the urban lifestyles and mindsets. This is the urbanized movement.