Consumers are obsessed with the lines on their faces—and how to get rid of them.  Searches for “Botox for wrinkles,” “glabellar lines,” and wrinkle patches are exploding. Here, Spate lays out the top 10 skin care anti-aging stats for the latest 12 months ended June 2021.

  1. On average, there are 943.5K searches for aging-related concerns in the skin care category every month in the U.S.
  2. Glabellar lines (the lines often referred to as “elevens” that are located between the eyebrows) is the top growth anti-aging related topic, with 46.3 percent growth since last year.
  3. Tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative used to treat acne and other skin conditions, is the top trending ingredient searched across aging concerns in skin care, with 41 percent growth since last year.
  4. SPF is the top trending claim searched across aging concerns in skin care, with 49.4 percent growth since last year.
  5. Wrinkle patches are driving an increase in interest across the anti-aging category, with 62.7 percent growth since last year.
  6. Eyebrows, nose, crow’s feet, and lips are the top growth target areas searched alongside the term “wrinkle.”
  7. Searches for the term “mature” across the skin care category are growing 10.4 percent since last year.
  8. On average, Americans search the claim “renewing” across face care products over 169K times a month.
  9. The term “crow’s feet” is the number-one search across skin care aging concerns, ranked by volume.
  10.  Americans are searching Botox for wrinkles 52.5 percent more than last year.

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