The power of TikTok has changed the trajectory of yet another indie beauty brand. Beauty News caught up with the founder and CEO of Youthforia, Fiona Chan, to discuss how making it big on the social platform led to a product order by one of beauty’s biggest retailers.

By Nicole Kirichanskaya

Color-changing makeup isn’t a new concept, but a color-changing blush that can be worn to bed and promises better skin the next day is definitely a standout. Even though the brand only launched 18 months ago, Youthforia’s blush oil, which shifts color according to a person’s natural pH balance, is one of the most viral products on TikTok, having accumulated over 70 million impressions.  So it comes as no surprise that Youthforia has landed in Ulta Beauty.

Beginning today, Youthforia is available on and in 310 Ulta Beauty physical stores across the U.S. Youthforia’s most popular products will be sold including the Pregame Setting Spray ($36), Pregame Primer ($38), BYO Blush ($36), and the Dewey Glosses ($26 each). Sampling Youthforia products in as many locations as possible is extremely important to Fiona Chan, Youthforia’s founder and CEO.

“Now consumers can test our products in person, instead of at home. Our products, like our color-changing blush, looks different on everyone. When you try it on in person and see the colors change on your own skin, it’s truly exciting,” explained Fiona.

Other Youthforia items have also reached viral status, mainly because they’re marketed as makeup you can sleep in. Since Fiona was a prime offender of falling asleep with her makeup on after a night out – and experiencing intense allergic reactions as a result – she created a line safe to sleep in that can also provide skin care benefits.

Fiona, having lived and experienced Hong Kong’s air pollution, wanted to bring an element of skin pollutant protection to her line. Her latest launch, Pregame Setting Spray ($36), is a moisturizing serum setting spray formulated with a slide and fix polymer technology to create a thin film to seal in makeup and prevent pollutants from penetrating skin.

Besides Ulta Beauty and the brand’s website, Youthforia is available via several physical and online retailers including BeautyBay, Revolve, and Credo. In November, Youthforia will launch three new, non-color-changing blushes. The items look to answer customer requests for a color consistent blush upon application. She’s also working on a sun care product and a foundation that’s safe to sleep in.