People are always asking: How do you come up with story ideas for Beauty Insider? Today’s post, which lists the most popular beauty video tutorials on YouTube for the month of September, came from CEW’s president Carlotta Jacobson, who’s always looking for what’s hot on the web. From hair to makeup to Halloween how-to’s, here are some of the top trends and videos in beauty vlogging.

It came as no surprise that Michelle Phan of ipsy’s videos consistently had the most views. This YouTube beauty sensation posted a number of highly-viewed videos in September on the subject of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her most viewed beauty video last month was “Casual Date Night Look” provides tips on how to style yourself from head to toe for a more relaxed night out. For a more glamorous look, there’s also her “Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial”, which shows how to recreate Angie’s signature smoky cat eye—and, more dramatically, recreate her bone structure entirely.

Now that fall has started, beauty vloggers everywhere have been creating tutorials for Fall Makeup Looks. Two popular ones include “Autumn/Fall Makeup Tutorial” by pixi2woo and “FALLin’ For You: Makeup+Hair Tutorial” by JLovesMac1, both of which show off a subtle smoky eye with a red lip, albeit for different skin tones.

Hair tutorials will always be popular on YouTube, from capturing the basic ponytail to the more complex French twist. Glamorous waves are consistently a sought-after look, and CarliBel55’s popular “Big Waves/Curls for Fall!” shows one of many ways to achieve the style. For an updo, fashiontube’s tutorial “Reverse FISHTAIL Braid” shows how to do a unique variation on this popular braiding trend.

With Halloween coming up in a few weeks, more vloggers have been showing off their cool and creepy Halloween makeup. YouTuber and FX Makeup artist dope2111 has made a number of popular video tutorials, which include “Emily (Corpse Bride) Halloween Make-up Look 1” and “Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) Make-up look 2,” both inspired by Tim Burton movies and that are bound to make a frightening impression at a costume party.

Finally, Nail art continues to be a fun way to spice up manicures, and these tutorials from bubzbeauty and cutepolish, inspired by different designs and themes, show off a gamut of ways to wear the trend. “Easy Vintage Floral Nails <3” by bubzbeauty features floral designs and polka dots on pastel colors—perfect for a cute, feminine look. The popular tutorials by cutepolish, on the other hand, are styled after Pop Culture, including Disney-inspired “Magic Kingdom Nails,” and “GANGNAM STYLE NAILS!,” based on the current #1 video on YouTube, “Gangnam Style.” The song, by South Korean artist PSY, has received over 359 million views as of October 2012, and has inspired a number of spin-offs on every subject from cartoons to the recent Presidential election, so it only seems natural that beauty vloggers would find inspiration there as well.