Retail has been turned on its head.  After months of closures, beauty stores have reopened with social distancing markers, “Do not touch!” signs, plastic wrap covering product, testers in the trash and even barricades (yes, really!). With safety being the top priority,  the whimsy, magic and fun of Beauty has seemingly disappeared.

Yet there are a few retailers getting it right.  During this Retail Safari® LIVE event, WSL Strategic Retail will showcase the retailers – US and global – who have brought the magic back to Beauty to entice shoppers to shop and spend again.

Why to sign up:

  • Understand the shoppers’ beauty mindset
  • Experience the retailers who are getting it right
  • Inspire new thinking and growth opportunities within your company


Wendy Liebmann
CEO & Chief Shopper
WSL Strategic Retail
Liz Gretkowski
Senior Consultant
WSL Strategic Retail
Kaci Floyd
Consultant Analyst
WSL Strategic Retail
Sonia Anand
Director, Omnichannel Experience
M·A·C Cosmetics