In this special report, investment bank and M&A advisory firm, Harris Williams, shares the latest perspectives from Daniel Wang, Managing Director, who is leading the firm’s efforts in Asia; as well as Bob Baltimore and John Neuner, Managing Directors and Co-heads of M&A. The report focuses on learnings based on the precedents being set in Asia’s M&A markets.

Key takeaways include:

  • Leading indicators and conversations with strategic buyers, private equity groups and other colleagues throughout Asia suggest that Asian M&A markets—especially China—are beginning to recover from COVID-19.
  • In a shift from their previous preference for majority positions, Asian buyers are actively seeking minority positions in Western companies. That makes them good potential solutions for companies seeking investments and accelerated growth in Asia.
  • While the recovery timing for U.S. and European M&A markets remains difficult to predict, experience suggests that post-crisis market leaders will engage in M&A earlier than others.

This resource was shared by Kelly McPhilliamy, CEW Board Member and Managing Director, Consumer Group, Health & Beauty Lead, at Harris Williams.