CreatorIQ (formerly Tribe Dynamics) has revealed its March 2022 Beauty and Fashion Rankings Report. Ranking highest for the month were Dior Beauty, Chanel Beauty, and r.e.m beauty.

Highlights include:

Dior Beauty collected an impressive $23.4M EMV, a 52% month-over-month increase. The brand’s rise was fueled by a 45% spike in post volume, with 7.4k posts mentioning the brand in March. Dior Beauty’s top-performing creators were actresses Yara Shahidi and Anya Taylor-Joy, who netted $628.1K and $600.7K EMV, respectively.

Chanel Beauty thrived in March, collecting $10.4M EMV, a 53% month-over-month boost. Part of this rise stemmed from award season, as celebrities, makeup artists, and creators posted looks from The Oscars and the Critics’ Choice Awards.

Outside of the Top 10, r.e.m. beauty’s EMV rose by 221% month-over-month. The brand grew its post volume to 1.3K posts, a 155% increase. Launched last November, Ariana Grande’s signature beauty brand recently dropped a collection called goodnight & go. Inspired by the release, makeup artist Amanda Benko posted tutorials and looks that contributed $382.2k EMV for r.e.m. beauty.

For a deep dive on March’s social media winners, be sure to visit March 2022 Beauty and Fashion Rankings Report by CreatorIQ.