It’s difficult to overstate the increasing dominance TikTok is displaying over other social media platforms, with users spending a record average of 44 daily minutes using the app, surpassing Facebook’s all-time high of 38.6 minutes. The app became the most downloaded in 2021, reaching 100 million more downloads than the runner-up, Instagram. With the launch of in-app shopping and eight new users joining the app every second, brands have plenty of opportunities to capitalize on TikTok’s growth.

Eyecue, a visual insights platform that transforms dynamic and static visual content on social media into structured data and insights, uses its proprietary AI to create special reports for brands. In its most recent report, Eyecue analyzes 40 of the most trending TikTok videos made by beauty content creators in 2021 and reports on five scene vectors it has identified in videos, and what they mean for beauty brands.

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