“Clean” claims are resonating more than ever with consumers, as the level of awareness surrounding ingredient safety and toxicity continued to increase in 2020. Brands leaned on this, creating extensive “free-from” lists, to promote the idea of safety. These claims were especially prominent in key categories such as facial skin care, hand and body lotions, and personal cleansing, where consumers valued safer options for everyday or essential products.  

Sustainability also grew in terms of importance, as brands giving back to their communities and making an impact on the environment were key points of differentiation during the coronavirus pandemic. These big moves led to a substantial increase of the truly natural segment, which, by far, outpaced the nature-inspired segment in 2020 and is set to win over consumers. This special report from Kline contains information on:

  • The evolution of the natural and clean beauty market over the years  
  • Shifts in product class shares and key trends to watch 
  • A look at the leading natural players with snapshots of fast-movers such as Hand in Hand, Hello Bello, Live Clean, among others
  • The role of sustainability and key initiatives for brands like Weleda, Alpyn Beauty, Native, Hello Products, and more
  • Spotlight on retail channels, highlighting wins and losses 
  • Market predictions up to 2025