Despite a challenging year, the professional skin care market continued to register slight increases in established regions, with the United States growing by 0.7 percent, according to Kline. Telemedicine, curbside pickup, doorship programs, e-commerce solutions, and social media have all helped marketers and skin care professionals keep consumers engaged while providing new avenues for them to replenish their professional skin care products. Masks and peels were a bright spot for professional skin care marketers as office closures forced marketers to create at-home solutions as an alternative to in-office chemical peels and facials. Products targeting signs of aging continued to command the market; however, acne treatments had a standout year due to skin irritation and breakouts caused by wearing protective facial masks. In addition to these insights, The report includes:

  • The latest trends and key shifts in professional skin care
  • The growth behind the e-commerce and medical care providers channels
  • Market expectations for 2021 and beyond