Korea has long been a country known for its innovative (if exhaustive) beauty regimens. Spate now has data on this important market, sharing it exclusively with CEW to give brands a competitive edge about the next big Korean beauty trends before they arrive Stateside.

In this Korean Skincare Trends Report, Spate dives into Korean skin care trends, from salmon in face serums to multi balms.

“In our Korean Skincare Trends Report, we dive into the products, ingredients, and brands driving Korean skin care behavior. With skin care interest in the U.S. fluctuating as of late, brands can use this report to seize new opportunities, creating and marketing products that are as effective as they are intriguing,” said Olivier Zimmer, CEO of Spate.

Download the Korean Skincare Trends Report to discover:

  • Top trending face products across skin care in Korea compared to the U.S.
  • Which ingredients are trending in Korean skin care
  • The top searched skin care brands in Korea
  • Recommendations for beauty brands based on consumer skin care needs