What are consumers saying about beauty and the metaverse on social media? Apparently, a lot.

Over the past several months, the Metaverse has become a significant topic of conversation. It is mentioned alongside other burgeoning concepts such as Cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, and other digital assets flooding the online ecosystem. As time has passed, companies have taken notice, investing in their own technology and sponsorship opportunities in an effort to better reach existing and new customers. Through the analysis of social media data, we can learn more about what themes are most associated with the Metaverse, which brands within Beauty are best positioned to engage with consumers, and understand the importance of NFT’s in the space. Additional insights on the demographics of Metaverse consumers and overall activity trends for conversations about the Metaverse and other associated topics can help to inform strategy and enhance our understanding of this nascent market. As Beauty-focused entities embark on their initial foray into the Metaverse, they might be wise to consider how consumers are talking on Instagram and Twitter about this new digital frontier. In this report, Social Standards provides nine key insights gleaned from social media on beauty and the metaverse.