French beauty secrets have long been sought out by beauty lovers across the globe. Who doesn’t want to know what the chicest of women are using to keep their hair silky, skin plump, and lips tinted? Wait no more as the top beauty trends in France have recently been revealed by data provider Spate—and how they compare to the U.S. consumer— in a new report based on consumer search data.

According to Spate, the French consumer is especially reliant on the classics as the first step in her beauty routine. However, skin care is just that: the first step. The behavior that follows tells a different story, revealing how the French consumer, much like the American consumer, is increasingly driven by what’s trending in the market. In this report, Spate captures billions of queries that project an unbiased lens on real consumer behaviors and needs, and dives into the finishing touches — hair color, styles, and makeup — to compare and contrast the French and American beauty consumer. Whether bold red tresses or brown eyeliner, the report looks to offer insights into the top beauty trends with a visual impact across these markets, including:

  • Top trending hair colors in France and America
  • Top trending hair styling product brands in France and America
  • Top trending makeup products in France and America
  • Top trending makeup brands in France and America
  • Recommendations for beauty brands based on French and American hair and makeup desires

To learn the latest behaviors on the French and American beauty consumer, be sure to access Spate’s French Skin Care Trends Report.