Since the start of the pandemic, Spate has kept a pulse on the changing trends. From DIY face masks to hair dye and eyeliner, Spate has seen trends come and go and some that have stuck. However, in recent months, the company noticed that consumer interest in beauty products seems to be waning.

Although consumers are paying less attention to beauty products, they’re still invested in the beauty category — they’re just turning to services and procedures instead. Professional beauty services such as microneedling, lip fillers, and baby botox experienced a dip during the early stages of lockdown, but interest has come back stronger than ever. Despite the fact that many salons have been less accessible over the past year, consumers have spent time at home researching and these tweakments have steadily gained popularity. In this report, Spate highlights the top skin care and makeup services that are gaining traction with consumers. As tweakments continue to gain popularity, use these insights to identify new opportunities for product alignment and innovation.