Traackr’s State of Influence: Beauty 2021 report investigates how the events of the past year have informed emerging trends in the beauty sector, through the lens of influencer generated content.

The report highlights how consumer, brand and influencer behavior in the beauty industry have evolved as a result of the global pandemic, social issues and changes in the social platform market. Download the report to understand the dynamics at play and get inspired for your future influencer collaborations.

Key insights in the report include:

  • Social justice remains top of mind.
    • In 2020, there was a 10,069% increase in posts about Black Lives Matter and a 36,198% increase in engagement.
  • Body positivity movement gains momentum.
    • The number of engagements on posts about body positivity or body acceptance increased by 345% in 2020 compared to 2019, and views on videos about the topics increased by 923% 
  • Fragrance won big – especially on TikTok.
    • Are perfume-fluencers the next big thing? In 2020 the number of posts about perfume on TikTok increased by 449% and the number of engagements with those posts increased by 1065%.
  • Skin care gets more diverse and honest.
    • Although the general “skinfluencer” trend seems to have settled down, conversations around diverse skincare saw a 19% increase in engagements from 2019 to 2020. Skin care content also became more transparent and honest as discussions focused on specific skin challenges like acne (194% increase in engagements), eczema (148% increase in engagements) and rosacea (190% increase in engagements).