Using a proprietary algorithm, Trendalytics has identified beauty themes and trends that are likely to grow over the next year with the goal of helping brands make forward-looking decisions in order to capitalize on undiscovered consumer trends. The top trends identified are:

  1. Revival—A modern take on the Roaring Twenties, Revival celebrates post-pandemic life. Bold red lips, braided updos, and gilded french tips replace our laid-back quarantine look as we gear up for a year of indulgent glamour.
  2. Verdant—Characterized by natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, Verdant positions the beauty industry as a champion of sustainability. Wild harvested ingredients, agriculture-inspired nails, and sun-kissed skin bring the ethical fantasy to life.
  3. Solace—Do away with excess and find new ways to foster inner peace and clarity. Solace brings a holistic approach to beauty, simplifying your daily routine and looking inside for answers. The skinimalism movement emerges with multipurpose formulas and low-maintenance looks.
  4. Teen Dream—Channeling the Y2K aesthetic and optimistic escapism, Teen Dream is a modern take on early 2000s nostalgia. A new generation of inclusive influencers bring smiley face nails, mullets, and colorful eyeliner to the forefront as we refresh the beauty industry and celebrate self-expression.
  5. Omniverse—Step into the future of beauty. Omniverse explores high-tech advancements as the industry ushers in a new era of innovation. Enter alternative realities with 3D filters and otherworldly graphics.