At the end of May, social media feeds abruptly transformed as Black Lives Matter protests erupted around the world in response to several cases of police brutality against Black individuals. Influencers responded in varying forms as they swapped their typical lifestyle and beauty content with calls to action to re-learn about racism and anti-racism, donate to various anti-racism organizations, and other ways to support the movement. This month, Tribe Dynamics analyzed how influencers leveraged their platforms during the end of May and into June, and how these changes will affect beauty and fashion brands moving forward.

Additionally, this report contains the firm’s regular Tribe Top 10 features, including:

  • The top 10 cosmetics, skincare, haircare, luxury fashion, and apparel brands in the U.S. by Earned Media Value
  • The top 10 beauty brands in the U.K. and France by Earned Media Value
  • Influencer community stats for all top 10 brands across vertical and markets
  • Insights into how brands in the above verticals continued to spark engagement and enthusiasm from influencers despite an evolved consumer marketing landscape