Eidesis marks our fourth Eau de Parfum in the Othertopias series and the eighth in our Fragrance range. Borrowing symbolism from the myth of Narcissus, Eidesis honors the imaginary world beyond the surface of the mirror—a place where rich, mesmeric woods lead to an ambery, warm embrace and pool of liquid stillness, framed by iridescent blooms. Eidesis opens with elegant fresh notes in which the sparkling astringent citrus of Petitgrain sits comfortably alongside crisp, bright and piquant Black Pepper. The freshness of Eidesis’ opening gives way to intriguing spices, dry woods and ambery, balsamic resin notes that characterize its heart. In the base of Eidesis, Vetiver asserts itself—bright in its greenness with soft, woody earthiness.