FRUTO OSCURO, created by: Mexican Perfumer, Rodrigo Flores-Roux, a mouth-watering fragrance whose name translates to “Dark Fruit,” combines the unexpected notes of fleshy fruits with the ancient allure of Guaiacwood. Inspired by the richness of our Latin heritage, this scent harnesses the essence of time. It carries a pungent bite of black pepper with a burst of juicy Mexican black cherries – the kind that stain the fingertips red. Decadent and slightly tart, its smoky sweetness brings a familial warmth.
TOP NOTES: Capulin (Mexican Black Cherry), Zapote, Pink Pepper, Artemisia (Wormwood), Elemi
Quince Jam, Mamey, Davana, Clove Stem, Black Pepper
Frankincense, Upcycled Patchouli Heart, Guaiacwood, Blackberry