XEP™-716 miniprotein™ is a first-in-class mimetic mini growth factor able to unleash TGF-ß pleiotropic effects.
XEP™-716 miniprotein™ triggers matrix regeneration (collagen, HA, elastin), dermo-epidermal junction strengthening, orchestrates the beneficial activity of other skin cells and induces fibroblasts differentiation and rejuvenation.
In vivo studies showed XEP™-716 miniprotein™ high rejuvenating and anti-aging activity with visible results on aged women after only 2 weeks. After 28 days, XEP™-716 strongly improves dermal density (+40%vsT0), skin elasticity (+39%vsT0), and reduces wrinkles. XEP™-716 can penetrate the skin thanks to its smaller size and its 3D folded structure. Highly specific, XEP™-716 shows no off-target toxicity.