In breaking news, global beauty platform PCA Companies has announced its acquisition of Space NK’s U.S. wholesale division. With the brand reported to be a $850 million business, PCA Companies said in a statement that it has no plans to change its ‘brand matrix’ or retail partnerships, although there will be a name change for the U.S. market. “Space NK on their own have done such an amazing job. It’s meeting the customer where they are today,” said Piyush Golia, CEO of PCA Companies. “Combining forces on this and having focused on just the U.S. part will augment Space NK’s success and what they’ve been doing.” In other business news, L’Occitane temporarily paused the trading of its shares yesterday as the company revised its privatization bid. It is now letting shareholders choose between the existing HK $34 ($4.35) for each share in cash, or 10 shares in a new private company for every share held.

Dior is making beauty headlines since revealing that Rihanna is the new face of its J’Adore scent, taking over for Charlize Theron. “The unusual talent, audacity, and captivating beauty of this absolute star are the ideal embodiment of dazzling, powerful Dior femininity that transcends generations,” Véronique Courtois, CEO of Parfums Christian Dior, said. “Her golden dream promises to be unique, reflecting a fragrance that is present for women and retains its radiance.” Theron is taking up a new role as Dior’s style and jewelry ambassador.

In an innovative marketing move, Clairol will be offering home hair color ‘House Calls’ in collaboration with celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble and Glamsquad this summer. The idea to offer complimentary appointments directly to consumers was inspired by Clairol’s findings that 70% of women want to cut back on salon visits, but only 40% feel confident about coloring their hair at home.

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