At CEW today, we shine the spotlight on Garnier’s new partnership with non-profit Gold House, to raise awareness of AAPI Heritage Month and sustainability. “As AAPI Heritage Month has grown, the month of May has become an opportunity to spotlight brand founders of Asian descent, as well as promote diversity and inclusion,” reports Paige Herman-Axel. For CEW’s report, Herman-Axel talks to Amy Whang, President of Garnier, Maybelline and Essie U.S, who initially reached out to Gold House to explore a partnership. “I’m a first-generation Chinese-born American. I grew up in a community where it was less than 5% Asian, and I saw everyone around me not looking like myself,” she explains. “It’s important to me to use Garnier as a platform that allows us to create representation of Asians so our consumers can see themselves in the brand and the products we sell.”

Speaking of inclusivity, e.l.f.’s new “So Many Dicks” campaign was inspired by the finding that there are 566 men named Richard, Rick, or Dick on the boards of directors of U.S. based companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. By comparison, among 37,000 board members, there are only 806 Black women, 774 Asian women, and 283 Hispanic women. The campaign, which calls for more diversity in U.S. corporate boardrooms, will be mainly focused on digital screens around Wall Street.

In executive news, Chriselle Lim, owner and Creative Director of PHLUR fragrances, has tapped Elizabeth Ashmun as the brand’s new CEO, and Linette Kim as its CMO. Ashmun was previously President at Moon Juice, and Kim joins from Bliss, and, before that, L’Oréal. “In order for us to truly scale and get to the next level, I knew I needed to bring in key hires that would allow us to do that,” said Lim. Meanwhile, the L’Occitane Group has appointed Evelyne Ly Wainer as Managing Director, Global Travel Retail. “Under Evelyne’s outstanding leadership, I am confident that our brand portfolio will be further propelled onto the global stage and that her strategic insights and passion for excellence will drive continued growth and success for our group in the dynamic world of travel retail,” said Laurent Marteau, Group CEO.

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