Today, Kiehl’s Since 1851 opens its online doors on Amazon, joining Clinique and dozens of other brands on the Premium Beauty storefront. “Amazon Beauty serves a hugely diverse group of over 100 million customers, each with unique needs,” Ali Kole, Head of Premium Beauty at Amazon, tells CEW reporter Paige Herman-Axel. “We see a growing popularity in gender-neutral and men’s products in the U.S., and we are responding to that as it ladders up to our goal to have an unlimited selection of beauty products that helps all customers look and feel their best. Kiehl’s is a great example of a brand that meets this need.”

Also at CEW today, we report on RéVive’s Asian market business model, and the success of the skin care brand’s omni approach to distribution and growth. “It’s no wonder that RéVive is making a major play for expansion in China, the fastest growing market for the luxury skin care brand,” reports Gina Way. Along with the steady growth of its cross border e-commerce (CBEC) business, RéVive is now available at SKP, China’s largest luxury department store, and last month, launched a marketing pop-up shop in front of the Beijing store. “In the first four days, we generated numbers well beyond what we expected to generate for the entire month,” says Elana Drell Szyfer, CEO of RéVive. “What we’re seeing globally post-pandemic is that the consumer wants a physical experience.”

Closer to home, B.B.C. (Bold. Brilliant. Confident.), formerly known as Black Beauty Collective, is marking its one year anniversary with the opening of its second shop, in Los Angeles. “Obviously, it’s one of the top beauty cultures out there,” says founder Leslie Roberson. “There’s tons of influencers that are in the beauty space that reside in the L.A. market, and I thought it could be great for our brands to be exposed to this.” The first store opened in Chicago in 2023, and Roberson has her sights set on New York next.

In other breaking news, E.l.f. Beauty has reported that it has surpassed $1 billion in annual sales in its fiscal fourth quarter earnings. The brand’s sales have increased 77% to over $1.02 billion during the 12 months ending March 31, 2024. Meanwhile, in tech, Orca — the company which produces shoppable content for E.l.f. Beauty, Estée Lauder, and others, is launching Bleu Beauty, a livestream and social beauty e-tailer. And in hair care, Schwarzkopf has tapped recording artist Dove Cameron as its New Global Brand Ambassador.

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Kiehl’s Opens Amazon Shop. Today, Kiehl’s Since 1851 joins dozens of other prestige beauty brands selling on the world’s biggest online marketplace. (CEW)

The Secret Of RéVive’s Success In Asia. The luxury skin care brand is taking an omni approach to distribution and growth in China, and it’s paying off. (CEW)

B.B.C. Launches L.A. Store. B.B.C. (“Bold. Brilliant. Confident.”), founded by Leslie Roberson, is marking its one year  anniversary with a Los Angeles expansion. (WWD)

E.l.f. Beauty Reports Over $1 Billion in Annual Sales In Q4. The brand has reported it fiscal fourth quarter earnings, with an increase in sales of 77% to over $1.02 billion for the 12 months ending March 31, 2024. (BUSINESS OF FASHION)

Orca Launches Bleu Beauty. The producer of shoppable content for brands such as E.l.f. Cosmetics, Estée Lauder, and Farmacy is launching livestream and social commerce beauty e-tailer. (BEAUTY INDEPENDENT)

Dove Cameron Appointed Schwarzkopf’s New Global Brand Ambassador. The brand is hoping to target a younger audience as the result of its collab with the American recording artist. (HAPPI)