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Before you’ve even made it to the office — whether that’s a drive across town or a walk down the stairs — Cheat Sheet allows you to catch up on industry’s biggest news so you’ll be prepared for a day of meetings, lunches, and casual catch-ups. Today, March 15, actress Vanessa Hudgens launches a revamp of her skin-care brand Know Beauty (this time without the DNA tests and singer Madison Beer), Beauty Independent reports on the ramifications of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse on indie beauty and wellness brands, while Business of Fashion looks back on fashion week and the reemergence of Chinese celebrity ambassadors in the front row. And if you have time, Wired’s report on the worrying rise of ageism amongst young people on TikTok is worth the read, especially for those working in skin care and raising children.

Celebrity Marketing in China: Why the Stakes Are Rising. With the loosening of COVID travel restrictions, global fashion and beauty brands are signing new deals with Chinese celebrity ambassadors, but tense geopolitical issues and personal scandals mean it’s not without risk (Business of Fashion).

The Indie Beauty and Wellness Fallout From Silicon Valley Banks’ Collapse. SVB sat at the center of the start-up ecosystem, and its failure may have significant indirect effects for emerging brands, from raising money to making connections with investors (Beauty Independent).

Vanessa Hudgens Discusses Relaunching Know Beauty From Scratch, This Time As the Sole Founder. With one single product, a new partnership with Amazon, and a new make-it-simple approach, the actress-turned-entrepreneur is excited to reintroduce customer to her skin-care brand (WWD).

Cost-of-Living Beauty: Brands Must Earn a ‘Deserved Place’ in Shopping Baskets. From long-lasting products to engaging experiences, the director of beauty and personal care research at Mintel speaks to all the ways brands can prove their value to customers amid the ongoing income squeeze (CosmeticsDesign-Europe).

Does Your Brand Need an App? To app or not to app — through expert insight and comparative analysis, this report aims to answer that question for brands questioning if it’s worth the cost (Business of Fashion).

TikTok Is Changing What It Means to Be Old. Ageism is age-old, but on TikTok it’s been taken to the next level, especially when influencers are incentivized to push anti-aging products thanks to TikTok Shop (Wired).

Nudestix Launches Nude Body With Sofia Richie as Its Face. Nudestix expands into body care with a three-piece collection created in collaboration with Richie, the brand’s ‘Nude Beauty Director” (Glossy).

Planned Parenthood’s Dawn Laguens Says Companies Need to Do More In The Fight For Abortion Rights. Amid ongoing attacks on abortion rights in the US, the chief global strategist of Planned Parenthood urges business to stand up for both their employees and their customers (Fast Company).