To welcome you back to the work week, we’ve rounded up all of the most important headlines this morning, along with some you might have missed over the weekend. In breaking beauty news, Olaplex debuts an unexpected new product, The Sims adds an expansion pack that features five Black hairstyles created by a famed celebrity hairstylist, while in Hawaii, and agricultural innovation company has begun farming trees that produce palm oil, which could perhaps have big ramifications for the beauty space. Also worth a read this morning is Digiday’s report on how agencies are expanding their DEI efforts to initiatives outside of their own company walls, as well as Forbes guide on how to support middle managers who, according to a study by Columbia University, are facing increased pressures and experiencing higher levels of depression and anxiety than other roles in organizations. Find these stories and more in the round-up below.

Unboxing is So 2012. The Internet Wants Packing Videos. A new viral trend among small business, videos tagged #packingorders currently have more than 9 billion views on TikTok , with some companies even charging customers for the ability to watch their orders being packed. (Wired)

Olaplex Take Bond Building Below the Hairline. The brand’s new Lash Bond Building Serum launches on Friday and marks its first product outside of traditional hair care and styling. (WWD)

The Sims Enlisted Black Hollywood’s Favorite Hairstylist to Create Its Latest Inclusive Styles. Lacy Redway, who works with stars like Tessa Thompson and Sadie Sink, designed five hairstyles for The Sims 4 game — a project a year in the making. (Allure)

These ‘Supertrees’ Grow a Climate-Friendly Alternative to Palm Oil. Palm oil is one of the world’s largest drivers of deforestation, and it’s also a popular (albeit controversial) ingredient in the beauty sector. A company called TerViva is now farming pongamia trees in Oahu after discovering a way to process the trees’ beans to make them into food. (Fast Company)

Middle Managers Have it Bad: 5 Things They Need the Most. Evidence tends to prove middle managers have it tougher than senior leadership roles, and they require attention because of their importance and impact on the business. Forbes looks at the research on how organizations can support them best. (Forbes)

How Agencies are Shaping the Future of DEI Beyond Their Walls. In part 2 of Digiday’s series on diversity at agencies, they look at how agencies, in addition to focusing on internal structures and practices, are broadening their DEI efforts externally by focusing on recruitment, retention and client services. (Digiday)

What’s the Lasting Legacy of TikTok’s “Deinfluencing” Trend? TikTok moves quickly, and while creators have pretty much moved on from deinfluencing, Beauty Independent looks into whether or not the trend will have lasting effects on the industry by speaking with 14 beauty executives. (Beauty Independent)