Gigi Goldman



Just a few years ago, Gigi Goldman was a stay-at-home mother to three little ones.
Like so many busy moms, Gigi rarely had time to devote to any kind of beauty
routine, so she kept it simple and natural. The coconut oil that she used in the
kitchen was her secret go-to multitasker for glowing skin and glossy hair, and soon
she was chasing her kids around the house with this natural gem, curing everything
from chapped lips to sunburned shoulders. The more she used coconut oil, the more
she realized that its beauty benefits were simply too good to ignore. Gigi brought the
idea of developing coconut oil specifically for beauty use to her husband who worked
in the beauty business, and they got to work sourcing and developing the purest
coconut oil on the planet. They connected with their partners James Brennan and
Kiana Cabell, fellow beauty and wellness enthusiasts, and (ta-da!) Kopari was born.
Kopari believes in creating natural beauty from the inside out, with products for every
part of your beauty routine that are made as pure as possible. In just a couple of
years Kopari has grown into a multi-category brand including skincare, body and
personal care products that has led to award winning recognition within the beauty