Joan HJ Myung

Head of Strategic Planning and Business Development

Samsung Fashion Group

Why is CEW membership important to you?

It is always great to have a strong community where you can be linked with the right people and support each other. CEW is the right platform for both.

At the end, we are creating the movement together and changing the world as a team /partnership.

I also found CEW’s events very helpful in providing strong insight into trends and happenings in the beauty industry.

Do you have any tips for getting the most out of CEW membership?

Attending CEW’s events is absolutely my best tip.  Connecting with the right people who have the same interests and working in the same fields.  Your conversation can lead to other opportunities.

At the end, it’s the people who are doing the business.

Cannot wait to go back to (new) normal life and have a chance to meet other CEW members.

What do you love most about working in the beauty Industry?

It’s absolutely about the people! I was extremely lucky to meet many founders of amazing clean beauty brands.

These beautiful people have a vision and goal to make a better life and environment.

Samsung Fashion Group also found Clean Beauty is essential and truly important to be a part of awareness, so we launched a clean beauty retail called LABEL C  in early 2020 and introduced amazing clean beauty labels from all over the world. We spent years to be ready and launched in Jan 2020 in Korea which was quite a challenging time due to COVID 19. We launched with two retail locations and now have 12 locations in department stores and gorgeous flagship stores.

Korean customers are also participating in creating a better world by joining the Clean Beauty movement. And I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed my time in discovering business opportunities and creating partnerships at CEW.

What advice do you have for any beauty entrepreneurs, who are inspired to start their own companies during this time or entrepreneurs who already have a small business?

Think global and act local – from when you start your own business.

Start your business in the US but you should keep in mind to target the global market and customers from the beginning. For the longevity of our brands it has to perform in the global market. It starts by understanding the foreign market and knowing how it runs which will set you up for success. Choose the right name for your label, package design, and most importantly, set the right margin structure and retail price point.

Remember, your starting point is your backyard but your target reach is to customers all over the world!

And someday soon, your label will be placed in cool retail spots like Korea, Japan, Paris, London, and Barcelona.