Pleasure tools have been made in the shape of the phallus for 28,000 years. In 2022, Dr. Amir Marashi (Cerē Founder, an internationally acclaimed Ob/Gyn) teamed up with Dr. Kimberly Lovie Murdaugh (Cerē Director of R&D, a Harvard and Yale-trained chemist, engineer, and radiologist) to develop the Lalalena, the first vibrator in the shape of the clitoris. With 3 motors in its flexible glans, crura, and bulbs, the Lalalena fits against the entire organ like a glove and stimulates much more than the glans. The Lalalana is made with the same care that they would engineer any medical device: medical-grade silicone, and testing its efficacy with Clitogram™, Cerē’s clitoral ultrasound technique for measuring clitoral blood flow.