From Eylure London, the Underlash Pre-Glued Cluster Eyelashes help you bring the full salon extension look home in an easy to use kit. The pre-glued flares make it easy for a full glam look, with none of the mess and discomfort of glue. Each flare is reusable up to 2 times and lasts 15 hours. The complete set comes with 30 Faux Mink Flares, which is enough for 4 full applications, and a reusable applicator. These lashes bring all-day comfort and style, with none of the inconvenience of glue. The single-step application also makes for easy removal. Gentle on lashes, and reusable for long-lasting results, Eylure Underlash Pre-Glued Cluster Eyelashes are made to enhance your natural lashes seamlessly, without sacrificing comfort or convenienc