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Revealed: The 2023 CEW Beauty Award Winners

What are the best new beauty products of 2023? This year’s CEW Beauty Award Winners were announced today at a luncheon at The Hilton Midtown Hotel in Manhattan.

ICYMI: CEW’s Beauty Bazaar Highlights Beauty Product Innovation in an Immersive, Energized Event

How did an event dedicated to product innovation become the toast of the town? Look no further than CEW’s 2023 Beauty Bazaar.

Scents and Sustainability: How the Industry is Cleaning Up Its Act

Humans have been dabbing their skin with perfume for thousands of years. In fact, the oldest perfumes — 4,000 years old, to be exact — were discovered by archaeologists in Cyprus…

Are You a CEW Member? If Not, Now’s the Time to Join

If there was ever a time to become a CEW member, it’s today: In less than 24 hours the biggest beauty celebration will come to life at CEW’s 2023 Beauty Bazaar, an immersive, networking event for CEW members where this year’s Beauty Award Finalists will be revealed. Plus, membership grants you the power to vote on the Winners for this year’s program.

The CEW 2022 Beauty Creators Awards Winners Are In!

A banquet-style lunch – cobb salad to be precise – never tasted so good. For the first time in three years CEW held court for the beauty industry with an in-person luncheon at the Ziegfeld Ballroom in Manhattan announcing the winners of its 29th annual Beauty Creators Awards. The awards recognize the year’s most innovative beauty products and the creators behind them. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, programming for the 2020 and 2021 awards were held virtually.

The Ultimate Cure for the Monday Blues — the CEW Beauty Creators Awards Gift Bag! Almost Gone!

CEW’s Beauty Creators Awards are Friday, November 11, and everyone who comes will walk out with a gift bag worth around $1,500.

The Top Trending Ingredients and Formulas Broken Down in Layman’s Terms

To dive deeper into these innovative ingredients and formulations, make sure to tune into NYSCC’s upcoming webinar on November 2, 2022.

Urgent: There’s One Day Left to Vote for the Winners of the Beauty Creators Awards

Cast your vote for the Beauty Creators Awards and the People’s Choice categories: voting comes to a close at midnight on October 5 EST.

The Big Reveal: CEW’s 2022 Beauty Creators Awards Finalists Are In

From the 1,000 plus entries, all 269 product finalists for the 29th annual 2022 CEW Beauty Creators Awards program have been revealed.

The Distinct Trends that are Redefining Fragrance in 2022 and Beyond

If the beauty industry was awarding annual superlatives for 2022, it’s no doubt that fragrance would take home the Best All Around award.

Supergoop!’s Sun Care Revolution Revs Up

As sun care continues to shift from a beach day purchase to an everyday investment, revolutionary sun care brand, Supergoop!, is poised to continue leading the category. With innovative SPF-first…

The Big Reveal: Winners of CEW 2021 Beauty Creators Awards!

Today CEW hosted a celebratory virtual event announcing the winners of its 27th annual Beauty Creators Awards program, recognizing the year’s most innovative beauty products. Hosted by Julia Haart and daughter Batsheva Haart, the stars of the hit Netflix show “My Unorthodox Life,” this marks the second year the winners have been revealed virtually.

Cora Founder Molly Hayward Featured on Cheddar News as a Beauty Creators Award Finalist

Cheddar News recently spotlighted Molly Hayward, the founder of Cora’s Period Balm, a product that looks to serve as an all-natural solution to ease period pain and discomfort using a blend of essential oils.

A Peek Inside CEW’s Bountiful Gift Bag for Upgraded Ticket Holders

Perhaps the most exciting part of attending CEW Beauty Creators Award is the gift bag.

Beautycounter Founder and CEO Gregg Renfrew Featured on Cheddar News as a Beauty Creators Award Finalist

Beautycounter’s Beyond Gloss is a finalist in this year’s CEW Beauty Creators Awards Lip Product category.

How CEW’s Specialty Awards Highlight Beauty’s Leading Innovations

CEW’s Beauty Creators Awards (BCA) program is known for recognizing the best innovations in beauty, and the program has continuously evolved to highlight top performers across the entire industry.

Firmenich Focuses on Innovation, Equality, and Sustainability

Ilaria Resta talked to CEW Beauty News about how the pandemic has elevated the role of fragrance to play a pivotal role in self-care and the importance of anticipating trends and changing consumer needs in the age of COVID.

Cheddar News Highlights Iconic Beauty Creators Awards Finalist and Founder, Lilli Gordon

Lilli Gordon is a finalist in this year’s CEW Beauty Creators Awards with First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, a product designed to soothe and hydrate all skin types, including…

Cheddar News Highlights Sun Care Beauty Creators Award Finalist and Founder, Holly Thaggard

Holly Thaggard, aka “The Sunscreen Queen,” is a finalist in this year’s CEW Beauty Creators Awards with Glowscreen SPF 40, a product designed not only to protect skin from the…

CEW Taps Beauty for All Community to Vote on People’s Choice Awards

IPSY, the beauty subscription service founded in 2011 and synonymous for its Glam Bags, is today the world’s largest, digitally native, vertically integrated beauty innovation platform. Having acquired BoxyCharm at…

Vote Now for 2020’s Beauty Social Media Superstar

Surfing social media for the best in beauty can be similar to an Olympic sport. So which beauty products garnered the highest engagement on social media in 2020? Tribe Dynamics,…

QVC Celebrates Beauty with Virtual Event and New Inclusive Programming

QVC is a world leader in multi-platform video commerce and reaches 218 million homes worldwide through its TV broadcasts, and tens of millions more through its streaming, digital, and social platform. Here, the top not-to-miss news from QVC.

CEW x QVC Beauty Quest Awards Finalists Revealed

Since 2010, CEW and QVC have partnered for the annual QVC Beauty Quest award, established to help the shopping platform discover the next “big thing” in beauty.

Spate: Sun Savvy Consumers Search Sunscreen Solutions on Google Almost 1 Million Times a Month

Spate: Sun Savvy Consumers Search Sunscreen Solutions on Google Almost 1 Million Times a Month There’s no remedy like a stroll, nap or picnic in the sun to cure fatigue,…

Trending Makeup Tools: Vanity Mirrors, Brow Combs and Brush Cleansers

Spate shared the top 10 trends as seen in Google searches made in the past year ended June 2021.

Eyeliner, Magnetic Lashes and Aging Solutions Keep Eye Makeup Category in Spotlight

Spate ranks the top 10 trends in eye makeup search results for the most recent 12 months ended June 2021.

Wrinkles Begone: Spate Data Shows Consumers Seek Wrinkle Solutions at Remarkable Rates

Consumers are obsessed with the lines on their faces—and how to get rid of them.  Searches for “Botox for wrinkles,” “glabellar lines,” and wrinkle patches are exploding. Here, Spate lays…

Spate: Metallics, Matte and Lip Liner Among Top Lipstick Trends

Who would have thought that celebrating National Lipstick Day would mean so much to so many? With not much reason to color lips in 2020, there’s no time like right…

Spate Reveals Top 10 Search Trends in Skin Care’s Most Competitive Category: Moisturizers

Moisturizers are proving to be the most productive—and competitive—category in skin care, especially those with strong supporting hero ingredients. “Retinol, niacinamide and bakuchiol continue to be wildly successful drivers in purchasing…

CEW + Spate Present Top 10 Skin Care Cleansing Google Search Concerns, Interests and Trends

Spate shares the top 10 searches by consumers looking for skin care solutions.

CEW + Spate Present Top 8 Hair Care Category Google Search Trends

Spate lists the top eight Google search trends as it relates to hair care for 2021.

5 Minutes with Brooke Shields

Brooke shares everything from her most recent film project; her recovery from an excruciating leg injury sustained in January; what’s most important in her beauty routine and how she maintains balance.  

The Latest Sunscreen Trends and Innovations Designed to Meet Consumer Demands

Dr. Corey L. Hartman talks about the latest sunscreen innovations, as well as challenges for the category.

Deep Dive: The Ingredient + Trends Moving the Needle from NYSCC Chair Susanna Fernandes

CEW Beauty Creators Ambassador Susanna Fernandes, Chair, New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists [NYSCC], spoke to Beauty News about the ingredients and trends that brands are turning to in their…

Scentbird Study: The Impact of the Pandemic on Consumer Fragrance

To understand how consumer behavior shifted in the category during this time, luxury fragrance subscription service, Scentbird, recently conducted a survey among its database to uncover how the pandemic impacted their usage, purchasing behavior and future plans for discovery.

The Harris Poll: Women Turned to Sexual Pleasure Devices During COVID-19 to Release Stress

Over the years, beauty standards have expanded, with the body-positive movement as a leading example. Along with this, standards and the understanding of sexuality have also shifted. This sex-positive movement…

Scent During Quarantine: How a Pandemic Changed the Way Consumers Explore Fragrance

The psychology of scent, and the power it has over our emotions, was never more present than in 2020 when most of the world lived in quarantine, unsure of what…

What’s Selling at Credo Beauty?

Annie Jackson, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of clean beauty pioneer Credo Beauty, discusses what the retailer is doing to move the needle for sustainability, and also what’s selling in Credo Beauty stores.

The Power of Indie Beauty Companies

All things considered, the beauty industry was remarkably resilient during COVID-19, led mostly by digitally-born indie brands. ‘These companies,’ said Vennette Ho, Managing Director of Financo Raymond James, ‘were set…

What Hair Care Habits Emerged in 2020 That Will Change the Category Forever?

Erica Culpepper, General Manager, Carol’s Daughter, SoftSheen Carson, and Thayers Natural Remedies at L’Oréal USA, weighed in on what hair care trends emerged in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, and where the category is headed in 2021 and beyond.

Sun Care Category Trends: Consumers Lean Toward Mineral Sunscreens

“The biggest trend in skin care over the past year has been the huge growth in popularity of mineral sunscreens,” said Dr. Josh Zeichner, an Associate Professor and the Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Meet the CEW Beauty Creators Ambassador: Linda Wells on the Pride of Product Discovery

Linda Wells has over 35 years of experience in beauty and fashion as a journalist, brand founder and brand builder.