How do I enter?

To submit your products for consideration, follow these steps or click here for more detailed instructions:

  1. Log in to your CEW Member account or create a non-member profile.
  2. Select the award categories for your product submissions and add them to your cart.
  3. Complete the payment process.
  4. After payment, choose “input product information” on the payment confirmation page or click here to enter the product information.
  5. Fill out the product information form for each product you’re entering in each category.

How do I checkout if I am submitting multiple products by multiple brands?

You can select all applicable award categories and check out in one transaction. If you want to submit more than one product to a single category, increase the quantity for this category in your shopping cart. You will specify the brand/product information for each category after the purchase process is complete.

I am unsure what category my product falls under. What should I do?

Submit your product under the category that seems most appropriate. All submissions are reviewed by Circana, a leading consumer research group, to ensure they are placed in the correct categories. If your product fits better in a different category, we will contact you to make the necessary change.

How many products can I submit?

There is no limit! Brands may enter as many products as they’d like in each category. A product can be entered multiple times if additional categories include: Indie, Natural/Textured Hair Product, Sustainability Excellence.

I want to submit three products in one category. How many entry fees will I pay?

Entry fees are charged per product, per category. For example, if you enter three products in the Moisturizer category, you will pay three entry fees. If you want to enter one product in both the Indie category and the Skin Tools category, you will pay two entry fees.

Are samples required for entry?

Product samples may be requested to ensure products meet entry criteria and for review by the CEW Finalist Nominating Committee during finalist voting. Please do not send product unless requested.

I submitted my entry but I need to update some of the information.

If you need to make changes after submission, click “enter/edit” from the Manage Entry Information landing page. You can update the necessary information and then click “submit”. If you need to make changes after product submissions close (March 8, 2024), email beautyawards@cew.org and we will do our best to accommodate the revision.

I decided to submit additional products. How do I proceed?

Click here to access the “Manage Entry Information” landing page. At the bottom, click “enter more products” and begin the checkout process again. Click here for instructions on how to check out.

What if I am not a CEW Member?

You do not have to be a CEW Member to submit a product. However, you must be a CEW Member to vote for the winners. Click here to become a member.


How is the CEW Finalist Nominating Committee selected?

The CEW Finalist Nominating Committee is made up of a diverse group of executives, entrepreneurs, industry insiders, editors, and social influencers. They are chosen for their proven expertise in beauty, familiarity with the Beauty Awards, industry influence, and enthusiasm for CEW initiatives.
Interested in joining the Finalist Nominating Committee? Please contact beautyawards@cew.org.

How will I know if I am a finalist?

Finalists will be announced during CEW’s Beauty Expo event on September 19, 2024, in New York City. Finalists will also be notified by CEW via email. For information about participating in the Beauty Expo, contact beautyawards@cew.org.

How can I vote?

You must be a CEW Member to vote. Click here to become a member. Voting opens on September 19, 2024.

When are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced at the CEW Beauty Awards Luncheon on November 21, 2024, in NYC. Finalists are required to have a team member attend the luncheon. Information on the event will be released closer to the date.

Winners will receive information about how to promote their win and a licensing toolkit following the event.

Questions? Please email us at beautyawards@cew.org.