CEW membership provides you with endless opportunities to network, learn, and grow your career in the beauty industry.

CEW Membership

Members instantly gain a diverse and powerful network of 10,500+ professionals in beauty and access to industry leaders and innovators through CEW events and online resources.

CEW has curated a network of cross-industry experts to help indie brands grow and succeed, along with indie-specific events throughout the year. Our Online Community is a powerful discussion group where members of the indie community and beyond find resources and problem solve together.

CEW’s members are 10,500+ professionals from all segments and career levels in the beauty industry. Our members represent over 3,500 companies in the beauty industry, including manufacturers, indie brands, suppliers, publishers, retailers, and related industries.

You may join online here. Signing up just takes a minute. If you have any questions, please contact Membership at 646-929-8072 or membership@cew.org.

CEW membership is $195.00 annually, beginning on the date you join.

Indie brand or nonprofit? Contact us at membership@cew.org about a discounted rate.

Yes. CEW membership helps you deliver incredible value to your organization. Please check with your individual employer to see if your company has a membership reimbursement process. You may also purchase CEW membership as a gift for an employee or colleague – to do so, contact Membership at 646-929-8072 or membership@cew.org.

Memberships are on an individual basis only. We do not currently offer group membership rates. For more information, please contact membership@cew.org.

Membership Renewal & Profile

Log in to your account with your email address and password, and then click the red “Renew Membership” link in the center of the page. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the “Forgot Your Password” link to reset it.

Log in to your account and click on the “My Membership” link on the right side of the page. You’ll see an “Active” status if you have a current membership. Questions? Contact Membership at 646-929-8072 or membership@cew.org.

A membership belongs to the individual who signed up for membership and is not transferable. If a member does not wish to continue membership, the membership may be canceled prior to the annual renewal date. We do not offer refunds for unused months of membership.

Yes. Through our Member Benefactor Fund, CEW will extend your membership one time, for six months, at no cost if your membership is due to expire. Contact Membership at membership@cew.org

Log in to your account and click “edit primary info” in the center of the page to make any changes.

CEW Events

Member rates for events are available only to current CEW members.

Yes. However, that individual must be a Member of CEW to attend a Members-only event.

Yes. You may transfer a name if they have the same CEW status as you. Member and non-Member tickets have different pricing; therefore, a Member could not send a non-Member in their place. Please contact Events at events@cew.org for assistance.

Yes. When an event is posted on your website, it will indicate if the event is Member exclusive. Throughout the year, we hold a number of events that are open to non-Members.

If you are interested in speaking at an event or proposing a topic for consideration, please contact our Senior Director of Programs & Events, Lisa Campione at lcampione@cew.org.

Additional Information

Still have questions? Contact Membership at 646-929-8072 or membership@cew.org.