Alpyn Beauty is proof that indie beauty brands are alive and flourishing. After posting triple-digit growth year over year for the past 12 months at Sephora, the beauty retailer is giving the plant-powered skin care brand more room to sprout.

By the end of March, Alpyn will double its shelf space from five SKUs to its full range consisting of nine products encompassing serums, peels, cleansers, moisturizers and lip masks which retail from $25 to $62.

Alpyn Beauty is merchandised in Sephora’s heavily trafficked The Next Big Thing space. “It is a perfect place for us because it is a highly discoverable and shoppable area,” she says. Alpyn Beauty will be in all Sephora stores and online (excluding the Kohl’s/Sephora combination doors).

Alpyn’s clean and clinical positioning caught the eye of Sephora’s team as the retailer continues to broaden its Clean+ Planet Positive Beauty assortment.

“The brand has enjoyed steady growth as more clients discover the amazing formulas. Further, those who know of the brand gravitate toward their clean formulas and brand values. We look forward to putting a spotlight on the brand’s assortment and continuing to support their growth,” said Cindy Deily, VP Skincare Merchandising at Sephora.

Alpyn Beauty will also launch exclusively at Sephora a new hero item called the Pore Perfecting Liquid with 2% BHA and Borage ($39).

The Pore Perfecting Liquid adheres to the brand’s “wildcrafting” approach to formulating, which fuses wild plants with clinical ingredients. In addition to borage extract, which is used to calm skin, the serum uses tremella mushroom to hydrate and maintain skin, combined with 2% salicylic acid and vitamin C.

“Borage is something we harvest, and it is a plant with tremendous soothing and hydration. It is mountain tested and approved,” she says.

Wildcrafting was born out of necessity for Kendra. Upon moving from Manhattan to Jackson Hole in 2015, Kendra opened a beauty apothecary. The traditional clinical brands she always trusted weren’t enough for her clients and even her own skin care needs in the high altitude.

“Clinicals were no match for this climate. I needed something to amplify the results,” she recalls. The answer was in her backyard where she saw wild plants flourish despite the harsh climate. She used her knowledge from 20 years of experience in clinical skin care working for brands such as Dr. Dennis Gross and Clarins to create the wild-meets-clinical combination. Wild plants such as arnica, chokecherry, and willow bark are formulated alongside clinical actives such as hyaluronic acid, bakuchiol and niacinamide to produce high-performance products that stand up to any altitude.

She knew she was onto something when people stopped her in the supermarket to comment on her complexion. “They say necessity is the mother of invention. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. If this works this well here, imagine how it will work in other areas. And the rest is history.”

Her story also resonates at Sephora, says Sephora’s Cindy. “Alpyn has a unique and authentic story, and is a Clean + Planet Positive brand, that donates a portion of each sale to help replant grasslands at the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.”