The tech world is reeling this morning off the back of the news of more layoffs at Meta, and that Instagram is now relocating most of its London staff to the New York office. But on the beauty front, the headlines are much more uplifting. Personal beauty care brand Clean Circle Beauty has just developed the first dissolvable undereye mask, a nice win for sustainability. Drugstore favorite brand Cetaphil is heading off on tour with Lizzo (about damn time, too, after the singer professed her love for its foaming cleanser on TikTok last year), while scientists might have just unlocked more data around why we go gray (spoiler alert, it has to do with stem cells). Keep reading to access these stories and more in the links below.

The Hook and the Hold: Top Beauty Brands on TikTok and What They’re Getting Right. One of the UK’s top social media and influencer marketing agencies compares the TikTok strategies of 10 luxury, prestige, and challenger brands. (Goat Agency)

Cetaphil is Going on Tour with Lizzo. The skin-care brand is sponsoring the singer’s North American “Special 2our”, a deal that also includes a content creation package. (WWD)

Google’s Rush to Win in AI Led to Ethical Lapses, Employees Say. Bloomberg spoke to 18 current and former employees who claim that the search giant is making compromises on misinformation in an effort to compete with Chat GPT. (Bloomberg)

The Rise of Cosmetic Chemists. Allure does a deep dive into the world of cosmetic chemists — what they are, what they do, and how they’ve become influencers on Instagram and TikTok. (Allure)

Sustainable PBC Brand Launches First-Ever Dissolvable Undereye Mask. Lena Chao, founder of Clean Circle Beauty, has developed undereye masks that completely disintegrate when thrown in the trash. (Cosmetics Design USA)

Your Hair Is Going Gray. This Glitch May Explain Why. A study in mice, but with implications for humans, found that a malfunction in adult stem cells might offer insight into why our hair goes gray — and may also help researchers better understand things like cancer and cell regeneration. (The New York Times)

Did Instagram Just Kill Linktree? Mark Zuckerberg announced on his Instagram account that Instagram users can now add up to five links to their bio, an update that may have just dealt a massive blow to link-in-bio companies like Linktree. (Wired)