Today, April 26, Coty announces its first foray into the metaverse (although, there’s a catch), while budget talks in New York City could have implications on the hourly minimum wage in the Big Apple.

Many of the biggest headlines, however, are longer reads, all of which are worth setting aside some time to dig into and digest. Wired reviews a new book about mommy influencer phenomenon that desperately tries to understand our fascination with those who perform motherhood very publicly. Then there’s The Guardian’s report on TikTok’s role in the proliferation of counterfeit cosmetics and skin care sales, as well as Forbes deep dive into Woo, an online Gen-Z wellness platform that is definitely worth keeping an eye on as it could have major implications for the industry and Gen-Z customers for years to come. Read these stories and more in the links below.

Here’s What NYC Minimum Wage Would Rise to Under Budget Deal. Under a tentative budget deal, the hourly minimum wage in the City would rise from $15 to $16 next year, and to $17 by 2026. (New York Post)

TikTok Cashing In on Sale of Counterfeit Cosmetics and Prescription Skin Creams. Despite its claims of a “zero tolerance” approach to rogue sellers, the social media app is profiting from the sale of counterfeit beauty products via its TikTok Shop feature. (The Guardian)

What’s the Deal With All the Trademark Controversies in Beauty. Trademark disputes are nothing new in beauty, but there’s been a significant uptick of them recently. So what’s the deal? The rise of celebrity brands may have something to do with it. (Glossy)

One Year of Woo: Redefining Gen-Z Wellbeing Culture. Forbes investigates the rise of Woo, an online platform that’s one part digital marketplace and one part multimedia magazine (with a dash of brand incubator, courtesy of its off-shoot agency Woo Studios), and how it’s redefining how young people access, understand, and consume their wellbeing. (Forbes)

Coty Creates First Metaverse Space to Upskill Its Workforce. Created so that the company’s 11,000 employees can develop new tech skills, the Coty Campus is an internal initiative that marks the company’s first foray into the metaverse. (Vogue Business)

The Case Against Momfluencers. Writer Sara Petersen’s first book takes a broad look at the mommy influencer culture, trying to analyze why people are so drawn to moms on the internet. (Wired)

7 Brand New Beauty Recs! (They’re Books). If you work in the beauty and wellness space, it’s worth perusing this list of new books about both industries, rounded up by writer and reporter Jessica DeFino . (The Unpublishable)