Between the indictment of the 45th president and the unveiling of the Barbie movie cast (what in the Will Ferrell…?), it’s a surprise if you saw anything else online or across your social feeds for the past 24 hours. But we’re here to talk beauty and business, and we’ve sorted through the biggest headlines of the morning in both categories. Today, April 5, LVMH CEO and richest person in the world, Bernard Arnault, sees his personal fortune reach a record high. Brand incubator Maesa announces new additions to its C-suite in an effort to expedite growth, and the Fragrance Foundation reveals its 2023 award finalists — as well as a few early winners. Read these stories and more in the links below.

Walmart Seems to be Gunning for Disenchanted Amazon Shoppers With Its New Website Design. With a goal of providing shoppers and suppliers with a better experience, Walmart unveiled a shiny new version of its website and app this week, both of which appear to borrow heavily from the Amazon playbook. (Fast Company)

The Fragrance Foundation Reveals 2023 Award Finalists. In addition to revealing award finalists in 19 categories, the foundation also named five winners from those categories, and presented master perfumer Anne Flipo as its Lifetime Achievement Perfumer honoree. (WWD)

With New C-Suite and Beauty Brand Launches, Maesa Plots 2023 Growth. The brand incubator, whose current portfolio includes Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty, Kristin Ess Haircare, and Priyanka Chopra’s Anomaly, has announced a new COO, chief brand officer, and chief customer officer. (Glossy)

Bernard Arnault’s Fortune Soars Past $200 Billion for First Time. Thanks to a robust appetite for luxury goods in recent years, the LVMH CEO joins Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos as the only individuals to have ever exceeded $200 billion in personal wealth. (Bloomberg)

How Generative AI is Mudding Copyright Laws — What Businesses Need to Know. Using the technology to create new images, music, and text has raised numerous copyright issues. Some businesses are starting to fight back, while countries like Japan and Canada have moved quickly to tighten laws. (Worklife)

The New Rules of Layoffs. As the question of how best to pay people off takes on more urgency in the US, executives weigh in on best practices. (Wall Street Journal)

Why Every App Feels Like TikTok, But Worse. Intelligencer investigates TikTok’s effects on the greater social media landscape, and why big social apps now look and feel increasingly the same (spoiler alert: it’s all about the algorithm). (New York)

The Vitamin Shoppe Launches TrueYou Beauty Collection for ‘Holistic Wellness’ for Women. The Vitamin Shoppe enters the beauty chat with its first range of topical products. (Cosmetics Design USA)

Why Retail Transformation Takes So Long. “Retail transformation” is technological, and the big change happening in the retail industry at the moment. So why is it taking brands and retailers so long to implement these changes? Forbes investigates. (Forbes)

Johnson & Johnson Reaches Deal for $8.9 Billion Talc Settlement. The proposed settlement would be paid out over 25 years but first requires approval by a bankruptcy court. (New York Times)