These days, social media is where much of the biggest beauty news breaks (or leaks), and this morning, May 17, is no different. In case you missed it, Beyoncé kind of, sort of, maybe teased the fact that she’s launching a hair-care range on Instagram and both beauty fanatics and the Bey-hive have thoughts. TikTok has announced a new way to pay creators for their content while dry cleansing is the latest skin care trend to take over the app. Read these stories and more in the links below.

Lululemon’s Brilliant Dupe Strategy Should Be Duplicated By Every Brand. Instead of fighting or ignoring dupe culture, Lululemon engaged with it through its “dupe swap” initiative, a tactic beauty brands should take note of. (Fast Company)

Beyoncé Appears to Tease Hair Care Line on Instagram. A series of photos on the singer’s Instagram has fans convinced she’s dropping a beauty range. (Business of Fashion)

TikTok Launches Effect Creator Rewards, a New Fund That Pays Creators for Popular AR Effects. The $6 million fund offer payments to creators based on users’ engagement with their effects. (Tech Crunch)

Why Black Creators Say Relationships With Platforms Remain Strained. Over the past couple of years, social media platforms like Meta, YouTube, and TikTok have created programs that they promise will help support Black creators, but many creators continue to have love-hate relationships with the platforms due to issues like algorithmic racial bias. (Digiday)

How the Hair Lab by Strands Made Haircare Customization Work at Walmart. Strands aims to take the guesswork out of hair care with a testing kit that generates information about protein levels, scalp sebum, and texture and cuticle health. (Beauty Independent)

What is TikTok’s “Dry Cleansing” Technique — and Does It Really Work? Another day, another TikTok trend promising users the world (or at least glowing skin). (Hypebae)