People living in Montana this morning are waking up to the reality that TikTok is now banned in the state. And while the news isn’t specifically about beauty, it will most certainly affect our industry, especially if this bill inspires other states to follow suit. As for the top industry-specific news today? It’s all about innovation, from a company that’s creating 3-D printed toothbrush handles for people with dexterity issues, to a new vegan collagen and Coty’s Protopia strategy that looks to bolster the company’s own brands. Read these stories and more in the links below.

‘Coty Protopia’ Sees Beauty Conglomerate Taking Start-Up Approach to R&D. Launched on May 13, the company’s Protopia concept prioritizes new innovations from Coty’s’ own brands.
(Luxury Daily)

These Toothbrush Handles Are Custom Designed For the 360 Million People With Dexterity Issues. Landor & Fitch created an online platform that helps develop customized, 3-D printed toothbrush handles for people with dexterity issues; several toothbrush manufacturers are already interested. (Fast Company)

Montana Governor Signs Total Ban of TikTok in the State. Introduced in February, the bill signed by Greg Gianforte is the country’s first statewide ban of TikTok and will most certainly face legal challenges. (The New York Times)

Marianna Hewitt of Summer Fridays: “Video Is What Gets People to Convert”. Hewitt joined Glossy’s Beauty Podcast to talk about her career — transitioning from influencer to brand founder — strategies for going viral on Instagram, and the most effective platforms for driving sales. (Glossy)

Cambium Co-founder Hails Yeast-Derived NovaCall as a ‘New Class of Collagen’. NovaCall stands out from other vegan collagens for the fact its 100% skin-identical and its unique micro-molecular structure. (CosmeticsDesign USA)

Leading Beauty Investment Bankers On the Changing Landscape, Hot Categories and Top Deals: Part 2. In Part 2 of Beauty Independent’s story on the state of beauty investments and acquisitions, the site talks to 11 investment bankers about the future of beauty mergers and what categories they’re most excited about. (Beauty Independent)

Sidia Goes Deeper Into Body Care. The brand, known for its buzzy two-step hand regimen, is extending its range to include a body serum and body exfoliator. (WWD)

Cancel That Brainstorm. There’s a Better Way to Spur Good Ideas. In a new book called Think Bigger, Columbia Business School professor, Sheena Iyengar, concludes that group brainstorming is usually a waste of time and highlights the importance of extensive, independent thinking. (The Wall Street Journal)