DEINDE (den-day), a new DTC skin care line from brand incubator Debut Biotech, was designed to combat inflammaging (aging accelerated by inflammation), targeting Zillennial consumers who were born in the last decade of the twentieth century, between Millennials and Gen Z. “Zillennials are roughly aged 26 to 35 and are thinking about preventing the early signs of aging and leveling up their skin care,” said Dominique Gagnon, VP of Consumer Brands for Debut Biotech. “They also over-index going to dermatologists and trust science-backed solutions. So, as a brand introducing inflammaging as the next big thing in skin health and skin-barrier management, we decided to target Zillennials because inflammaging really starts in your mid 20s.”

To reach this microgeneration, DEINDE is launching a six-week campaign, starting June 17, called “Seize the DEINDE,” a twist on “Seize the day.”

“The idea for the campaign began when we studied Zillennials and realized this is someone who says yes to everything — in a positive way,” said Gagnon. “They have a summer bucket list and are focused on packing it all in. But all that travel and constant activity can take its toll on the skin. So, the campaign will talk to this consumer about sustaining skin health with DEINDE, while still achieving their summer goals.”

The program will have both local and national outreach — but the messaging will be consistent across all channels. “To resonate with Zillennials and survive their sharp lens, a brand has to be clear and transparent about their efficacy, technology, and environmental impact in a way that is approachable and accessible, not shrouded in marketing buzz or hype,” said Gagnon. “The ‘Seize the DEINDE’ campaign executes on that concept by tapping into a Zillennial’s mindset in June and July: finding joy in long days and summer nights. And we designed the campaign’s content marketing funnel to capture consumers’ attention in those moments, with a clear presentation of DEINDE’s benefits, including how our patented biotech ingredient Naringenin resets the skin to neutral after experiencing stressors and reduces inflammaging markers by 96%.”

To bring the campaign to Zillennials across the U.S., DEINDE will produce its first “Sieze the DEINDE” themed TV spot on YouTube TV, run paid placements on Meta and TikTok, and partner with five micro-influencers to host a summer-goals themed sweepstakes. “We’re going to ask consumers to select a mood-board archetype that’s most like them when they’re creating their summer bucket list and achieving their summer goals. Then they will have to share it on Instagram, which enters them into the sweepstakes,” said Gagnon. The winner of the sweepstakes will receive $1,000 and DEINDE’s three-product collection: Purifying Whipped Cleanser, Skin-Strengthening Serum, and Moisture-Locking Face Stick. “Zillennials have grown up with social media,” said Gagnon, “we want to meet them where they’re at.”

DEINDE will also be running a hyper-local marketing event program in Los Angeles with a taco truck wrapped in teal DEINDE signage that will pop up in Silver Lake (June 21 to June 22) and on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach (June 28 to June 29). The pop-up truck will serve “clean tacos” and grapefruit aqua fresca (a nod to the brand’s naringenin ingredient, which is typically found in grapefruit peel) — as well as samples of DEINDE’s Purifying Whipped Cleanser. “The point of the taco truck is to help Zillennials make the most of both extending summer nights and enjoying early mornings. The truck will, therefore, have both late night and early morning hours in two hip locations where Zillennials gather. We are also hoping the pop-up introduces DEINDE’s benefits in a way that is meaningful and personalized to this consumer’s lifestyle, while generating social sharing and EMV about DEINDE,” said Gagnon.

The end goal of the campaign, said Gagnon, is to educate Zillenials on why it’s imperative to start treating inflammaging now. “Data shows that this micro-generation is taking a more preventative approach to their skin care routine than prior generations. More critically to DEINDE and our focus on inflammaging, scientific studies have shown that inflammaging begins in your mid-20s and we want to educate consumers that this moment in your adult life is the time to begin incorporating solutions into your skin care routine,” said Gagnon. “Inflammaging is a cycle of low-level inflammation that occurs from environmental stressors, but it that can be interrupted before significant collagen and elastin damage. Skin can be made more resilient against inflammaging through preventative skin care, dietary shifts and anti-inflammatory habits. DEINDE provides tools for consumers to invest in healthy habits today that will support the longevity of their skin.”